You have unlimited access to the videos.

No,video cannot be downloaded.

Since you have unlimited  access to the videos, You can start the video from any time frame.

Yes, another course can be purchased after registering for the first one from the MORE COURSES option.

Demo courses is valid for 10 daysPaid courses are valid for one year.

It is beacuse of one of the following reasons :

  1. You might have provided a wrong email id.
  2. You are not logging into the same account which you have provided
  3. You have a network issue
  4. If you are still facing issues please contact KD Campus Helpline number.

Simply plug and play pen drive in any system, it would ask to activate the pen drive.

So, when you plug the pendrive, you would require internet connection for the first time.

Of course. As soon as you put the pen drive into the system, if there is any antivirus inserted in your system then a message will appear related to disabling the firewall.

Pendrive has already been used on a system. Hence cannot be played on any other system.

You can watch unlimited videos in the pen drive 

All operating systems are supported. 

It is strictly recommended not to copy paste any content from the pen drive.

We would suggest you to use Chrome, for a better Experience.

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